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We are a Platinum and VIP Broker with Most of the Builders in Canada. Our Business is in Ontario and Edmonton. If you want to purchase a home or condo unit in any of these areas. Feel free to Submit your Information or
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We have secured hundreds of properties for our clients in Ontario and Edmonton before the public launch. They have gotten their first pick at platinum prices, usually less than the prices people pay when it opens for the general public or other realtors.So far we have done $500+ Million Dollar in Sales Volume and this number keeps changing


We work under the leadership of Garry Thind. He has gotten multiple awards from REMAX and other Builder Franchises as Most Valuable Partner in Real Estate. Garry's work ethic and business practices inspire new youngsters into this very lively field.

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We will contact you for all the new pre-construction projects that are coming all across Ontario and Edmonton.

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Thank You for contacting our team for all your Pre Construction needs in Real Estate. We take pride in helping you. We will be calling you shortly.